Vectorax Mosaic Tiles based in Foshan - China was founded in the early year of 2000; aiming to strengthen the brand by producing highest quality of products and expanding the business to the Gulf Region and the Middle East with the coordination of major associates.

From China to the Gulf region and recently in the center of the Middle East Beirut Lebanon, Vectorax provides you a platform of all the products (marble mosaic, stone mosaic, glass mosaic, clear glass mosaic, stainless steel mosaic, pearl mosaic, crystal mosaic, etc…) available for immediate delivery.

Vectorax’s policy starts from the most technically demanding fabrication to the most challenging of design aspects; using modern technologies and research to read the ability and the needs of the global market.

Only at Vectorax Company, you can experience the harmony of colors and the designing from Retro to Modern style.

Vectorax provide exclusive online service to their own clients by using the online software, mixing and blending any of Vectorax items through a visualize demonstration which will help to deliver the vision into the reality of image rendering.

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